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Sales Performance Management

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Inflexible software? Manual processes? Unmotivated sales reps? It’s time to revisit your sales performance management software and strategy. 

Sales Performance Management (SPM) software addresses these issues by:

  • Automating and streamlining incentive calculations
  • Ensuring accurate and timely payments
  • Reducing errors due to manual processes
  • Providing flexibility that adapts to your business needs
  • Aligning sales goals and incentives 

This leads to improved motivation and performance among sales reps, ultimately driving better results, operational efficiency, and increased profitability.

Don't let these revenue-hindering issues hold you back. By reconfiguring your current software setup or selecting a better solution, you can unlock significant improvement in your organization’s sales performance and revenue.

Efficient Automation

Automate complex commission calculations, including approvals, adjustments, and payouts, ensuring accurate and timely payouts.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning allows you to effectively forecast and allocate sales resources to meet future demand, ensuring optimal team performance and revenue targets.

Improved Compliance and Governance

Ensure incentive programs comply with regulatory requirements and internal policies. Access audit trails and documentation crucial for demonstrating compliance and governance to stakeholders.

Flexible Incentive Plan Design

Design and implement adaptable incentive plans that motivate sales teams. This flexibility facilitates the customization of incentive programs to meet the specific needs of different teams or regions.

Seamless Integration, Security, and Advanced Workflow

Integrate seamlessly with numerous data sources, including CRMs and ERP systems, leveraging data for better decision-making. Access built-in advanced workflows and complete end-to-end data security, guaranteeing sensitive compensation data is visible only to authorized individuals or groups.

Easy-to-use Reporting and Analytics

Use an AI-capable analytics engine to inform your compensation data. Identify overperforming/underperforming payees for training purposes and manage your comp spend. 

Gain transparency into incentive calculations and performance metrics, enabling real-time progress tracking for sales teams. This visibility motivates employees and enhances overall performance. 

Fast Diagnosis of Incentive Calculation Issues

Follow sales transactions from the moment they’re received to final calculation with the Research View. It’s useful in identifying where a calculated result didn't match with what was expected, resolving any payment disputes quickly and easily.

Go-to-market Planning

Engage in go-to-market planning by aligning sales strategies with performance metrics to optimize resource allocation and drive revenue growth.


Canidium has extensive experience with SAP, Xactly, and Varicent SPM software. Share your use case, budget, pain points, and goals, and we’ll gladly guide your vendor selection.


What are your current processes? Pain points? Goals? Through interviews, workshops, and documentation review, we assess your requirements to identify the key objectives of the SPM implementation.


You’ll work closely with the implementation team to align the SPM solution with your business goals and processes. This may involve mapping out current workflows, defining new processes, and creating a roadmap for the implementation.


During implementation, we’ll configure the SPM software to meet your specific requirements, integrate it with other systems (such as CRM and ERP), and test the solution.


Once the SPM solution is implemented, the focus shifts to managing and maximizing its performance. We’ll train users, monitor system performance, and adjust as needed to optimize the solution.


We’ll work with you to promote the benefits of the SPM solution within your organization. This involves highlighting success stories, conducting training sessions, and providing ongoing support to ensure the project’s success.


Your business needs will change. We’ll evaluate and evolve the SPM solution by implementing new features when appropriate, exploring integrations, and optimizing processes to improve performance and ROI. 

With a robust SPM solution in place, your organization is poised for sustained sales growth.

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Automates complex commission calculations for tiered, split, and multi-dimension commission structures

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Enhances sales performance through real-time metrics and gamification elements

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Adopts changing compensation rules for evolving business needs

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Focus more on selling activities and customer interactions by eliminating manual processes and paperwork

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Centralizes commissions-related data and ensures unerring accuracy


Provides analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor and optimize commission plans

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