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Canidium team at rooftop event

About Us

Success starts with our expertly trained people. Canidium’s solution architects and strategists empower business leaders to surpass their revenue goals. 

We strategize, design, and deploy the solutions that help businesses reach their potential.

Our Mission

We believe the right software strategy and consultant expertise can supercharge any sales team. A tailored approach inspires your sales force—and gets the most out of your SPM. 

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Canidium team standing on rooftop

Our Story

 In the fast-paced software industry, Canidium stands out as a testament to the power of a shared vision. Founded not on a grand plan but on the earnest ambitions of Michael Stus and Jason Kearns, Canidium embodies integrity, employee well-being, and customer advocacy.

Michael, an industrial engineer with a lifelong passion for computers, and Jason, who initially studied computer science before turning to business, met in the consulting world. They believed that a consultancy should prioritize relationships over profit, despite challenges from larger firms.

Their determination led them to create a company where relationships and employee empowerment were paramount. One key moment in Canidium's history was the establishment of its Learning Program Management Office, which transformed the company into a united, purpose-driven organization.

This culture of continuous learning enabled Canidium to expand into new areas such as Pricing, CPQ, CRM, PSA, and APM, becoming a leading strategic service consultancy. As Canidium looks to the future, Michael, Jason, and their team remain committed to their founding principles, aiming to build a company where people are central, relationships thrive, and excellence is a way of life.

Our Leadership


Mike Stus


Leta Gail_Doerr3

Leta Gail Doerr

VP of PMO and Solutions Delivery


Jason Kearns

Senior Vice President of Technical Services


Dean Swift

VP Sales and Marketing

Canidium by the Numbers

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4 global offices

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140+ employees

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1700+ projects 

What Customers Are Saying About Our Team

It’s our people that make us leaders in sales performance management. 

“Over the past few months, as our project timelines tightened and pressure mounted, your team was there for us. Their actions demonstrated a profound sense of partnership.”
“You all have been an absolute rockstar and instrumental to our success. You clearly are an Xactly expert, setting us up for a better future vs. offering just immediate band aid solutions. You are and operate like a part of our team.”
“Adam, while we recognize and appreciate the contributions from each team member, you are undoubtedly a key individual in this project, with an innate ability to not only understand our needs, but to also translate those to other team members.”