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Learning Program Management Office

Curating subject matter experts who build powerful solutions. 

Curating talented teams to deliver solutions that allow you to exceed your revenue goals.

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Building real-world applications that drive efficiency and continuous improvement.

A consulting firm can only deliver tailored solutions when its team has a robust talent development program. Organizations need to be adaptable in order to be successful. Your software implementation partner should adapt with you.

Our comprehensive talent development program offers unequaled service and support. From consulting skills to technical expertise, our LPMO elevates every aspect of your software implementation journey. 

"I joined Canidium in 2014 and was immediately tasked with building a training program. Leadership could have easily told me that because we were small, I would need to focus on billable work and build training in my 'spare time.’ That wasn't the conversation. My sole focus was building a training program for our employees, and it has been to this day." 

— Rodney Ray, Learning Program Director

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Clients thrive because of our holistic approach to people development.

By taking care of our people, we take care of you.

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Speedier implementation: Faster results

Efficient staffing practices mean you see benefits sooner.

Our streamlined training processes minimize the time and resources required to onboard consultants.

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Continuous improvement

Our evolving curriculum creates close alignment with your business reality.

Our culture of continuous improvement ensures our consultants have the latest skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

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People-centric culture

A well-trained team that can put your business needs first.

By investing in our people, we deliver unmatched service and support throughout your software implementation journey. 

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Agility in action

Canidium's LPMO is structured to provide targeted solutions that directly benefit you.

Our training program prioritizes adaptability. Team members can easily align with clients’ rapidly evolving needs and project requirements.