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Before diving into an Xactly implementation, assessing potential costs upfront is necessary to build buy-in for your project. This proactive approach can help you avoid unwelcome surprises, time waste, and financial setbacks.

As you progress into the discovery phase, where essential company and project particulars are gathered, having a clear understanding of the potential price range for your Xactly project becomes invaluable.

Although creating a detailed quote involves various factors, a ballpark estimate can be obtained by focusing on critical elements that significantly influence pricing.

At Canidium, we have been implementing software solutions since 2008. As a result, we are incredibly adept in project pricing dynamics. This article aims to demystify costs for enterprise-level companies considering Xactly. 

After reading this article, you will understand how Canidium gauges Xactly pricing projects pricing. The article will cover:


Determining whether your organization needs Xactly

To make the case that your organization needs a solution like Xactly, consider the following criteria: If the manual calculation of commissions consumes significant time and resources, adopting Xactly is a worthwhile investment. If you already know you want and need Xactly for your organization, you can skip forward to the next section about Xactly offerings.

However, to be more specific, companies that find Xactly practical generally meet the following criteria:

  • The company maintains a sales team comprising approximately 50 payees or more.
  • Employees who receive variable compensation in addition to their base salary.

Still building buy-in for Xactly

Xactly Offerings Available Through Canidium 

Canidium offers implementation services for key Xactly solutions, providing businesses with comprehensive tools to optimize their incentive management, forecasting, and commissions expense accounting processes. Later in this article, we will review price ranges and factors impacting price for each.


Xactly Incent and Connect Together

Many of our clients will implement Incent and Connect simultaneously. We specialize in implementing Xactly Incent, a leading solution for incentive compensation management. With Xactly Incent, organizations can automate and streamline the calculation and management of sales commissions. Canidium's expertise ensures a seamless integration of Xactly Incent, enabling clients to design, implement, and maintain incentive programs that align with their business objectives. The added offering of Xactly Connect facilitates smooth data integration, ensuring that incentive-related information seamlessly flows between Xactly Incent and other crucial business systems.


Xactly Forecasting 

Canidium provides implementation services for Xactly Forecasting, a robust platform designed to enhance sales forecasting accuracy. With this solution, businesses can leverage advanced analytics and data-driven insights to make informed decisions. Canidium's implementation expertise ensures a tailored setup that aligns with the unique forecasting needs of each client. From integrating data sources to configuring forecasting models, Canidium works to optimize the Xactly Forecasting solution, enabling clients to achieve more accurate predictions and better anticipate market trends.


Xactly Compensation Expense Forecasting (CEF)

Canidium regularly implements CEF (Compensation Expense Forecasting), a powerful platform designed to elevate accuracy in expense forecasting for sales compensation. Xactly CEF empowers businesses to harness advanced analytics and data-driven insights, facilitating well-informed decision-making. Our expert implementation team at Canidium ensures a customized setup, aligning seamlessly with each client's specific compensation expense forecasting requirements.


Xactly Commissions Expense Accounting (CEA)

Canidium supports the implementation of Xactly Commissions Expense Reporting, a solution tailored for comprehensive expense visibility and reporting related to sales commissions. By leveraging this tool, businesses gain insights into commission-related costs, helping them manage expenses effectively and make data-driven decisions. Canidium's implementation services focus on configuring Xactly Commissions Expense Reporting to align with specific organizational needs, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of commission-related expenses.


4 Factors Impacting Xactly Incent and Connect Implementation Cost

In this section, we'll explore four factors influencing Xactly implementation pricing. These factors play a crucial role in shaping the complexity and customization of the solution. Understanding these factors helps offer insight into Canidium's project pricing.


#1: Plan Components: These determine the complexity and customization required for designing compensation plans within the system. The more intricate and diverse the plan components, the higher the implementation costs, reflecting the increased effort and resources needed for configuring and integrating these elements into the Xactly platform.


#2: Commission Hold/Release Automation: This is a critical determinant in Xactly implementation pricing, as it specifies the level of automation needed for managing commission payments within the system. The complexity and customization required for automating commission hold and release processes directly influence implementation costs, reflecting the effort required to align compensation practices seamlessly with commission workflows in the Xactly platform.


#3: Order Feed Automation: This defines how order management processes are automated and integrated with the compensation system. The complexity and depth of order feed automation required directly impact implementation costs, reflecting the effort and customization needed to seamlessly align compensation practices with order workflows within the Xactly platform.


#4: HR Automation: This determines the extent to which human resource processes are integrated with the compensation system. The more comprehensive the HR automation required, the higher the implementation costs, reflecting the increased effort and customization needed to seamlessly align compensation practices with HR workflows within the Xactly platform.


2 Factors Impacting Xactly Forecasting Implementation Cost

In this section, we'll explore two factors influencing Xactly Forecasting implementation pricing. These factors play a crucial role in shaping the complexity and customization of the solution. Understanding these factors helps offer insight into Canidium's project pricing.


#1: Custom Forms: These can impact pricing by introducing variability in the complexity of forecasting models and data integration processes. The more customized and intricate the forms, the higher the potential for increased implementation and maintenance costs, as well as potential additional fees associated with the need for specialized support or consulting services from Xactly.


#2: Custom Reports and Dashboards: The customization of reports and dashboards in Xactly Forecasting can impact pricing by increasing the complexity of data visualization and analysis tools. While basic reporting may be included in standard packages, the creation of sophisticated, tailored reports or dashboards may incur additional costs, reflecting the development effort, specialized configurations, and ongoing support required for these customized features.


3 Factors Impacting Xactly Commission Expense Accounting (CEA) Implementation Cost

In this section, we'll explore three factors influencing Xactly Commission Expense Accounting (CEA) implementation pricing. These factors play a crucial role in shaping the complexity and customization of the solution. Understanding these factors helps offer insight into Canidium's project pricing.


#1: Total Integrations: Integrations can influence pricing by adding complexity to the implementation and ongoing maintenance processes. As the number of integrations grows, there may be increased development and support requirements, potentially resulting in higher costs associated with custom configurations and specialized assistance needed to ensure seamless data flow across integrated systems.


#2: Portfolios: Portfolios can impact pricing by introducing scalability considerations and potential variations in the complexity of managing multiple investment portfolios. As the number of portfolios increases, it may lead to higher implementation and maintenance costs, reflecting the need for additional resources, customization, and support to effectively handle and optimize the performance across a larger set of diverse investment strategies.


#3: Subsidiaries: Subsidiaries can influence pricing by introducing considerations related to the complexity and scale of managing financial data across multiple business entities. As the number of subsidiaries grows, it may lead to increased implementation and maintenance costs, reflecting the need for additional customization, configuration, and support to ensure seamless integration and accurate financial management across diverse subsidiaries within the platform.


Ballpark Cost of Xactly Implementation

Ultimately, project costs are determined by the required implementation roles, the hours per role, and the assigned rate for each role. We've outlined general pricing in the table below using a simplified "t-shirt sizing" model for small, medium, and large projects.



Why Hiring a Software Implementation (SI) Partner is Essential

Now that you understand Xactly implementation pricing and the factors that influence it, your next step is to decide how you will implement it.

Some companies opt for out-of-the-box solutions, which may lack configuration and capabilities. To maximize the benefits of an incentive compensation solution like Xactly, engaging an SI partner with expertise in that particular software is crucial. This section will discuss the tangible benefits of hiring an SI partner during Xactly implementations.


Expertise and Experience: SI partners bring skilled professionals with extensive experience in SPM implementations across various industries, navigating complexities efficiently.

Reduced Disruption: SI partners manage complex implementation projects, minimizing risks and disruptions to core business functions.

Reduced Implementation Time: Leveraging streamlined processes and best practices, SI partners expedite implementation timelines.

Cost Savings: SI partners operate on fixed or scalable cost models, minimizing the risk of costly errors and rework.

Configuration and Scalability: SI partners optimize software capabilities and ensure scalability, maximizing long-term ROI.

Ongoing Support: SI partners offer dedicated support and maintenance, keeping the software efficient and aligned with evolving requirements.


Understanding Cost: A Crucial Aspect of Adopting Xactly

Estimating project costs quickly is a specialty of experienced consultancies. With estimated figures, gaining organizational buy-in for software becomes easier. At Canidium, we prioritize transparency in the pricing process, drawing from our extensive experience in SPM solutions since 2008.

Now that you understand Xactly implementation costs, your next step is to schedule a scoping call with our team. Fill out the form below to get in touch with a team member and to be sent The Ultimate Guide to Successful Scoping Calls so you can be prepared, no matter who you choose to work with.



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