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 You may be considering SAP Commissions software (or any other sales performance management (SPM) software) but have concerns about what implementation involves for your organization. We’ll level with you, it is a big undertaking. 

At Canidium, we have been implementing SAP Commissions and other SPM products for more than 13 years and have run countless projects across a multitude of industries and company sizes. Consistently, we’ve seen the same roadblocks appear for every client.

In this article, we will explain:

  1. Why implementation is essential to software adoption
  2. What the phases of implementation look like
  3. The top three complicating factors in the implementation
  4. How to solve them

Why is implementation so critical to software adoption?

Software offerings like SAP Commissions are simply a configurable framework. Implementation is the process of making it into an automated, robust solution for your bespoke incentive management needs. It takes an intimate knowledge of the software to launch an effective solution that won’t experience major obstacles down the line.

What are the phases of implementation?

Implementation project management is a science. It has to be, to be effective. At Canidium (where we pride ourselves on meticulous implementation) our process looks like this:



In this first phase we review the information covered during the sales process, set a schedule, and make sure resource planning is completed for all parties. 


During this phase, project managers will get as clear an idea as possible of what you would like the end product to look like by performing discovery meetings.


In this phase, end-to-end design is mapped out and your software admin is exposed to their first training.


This is the phase where the software is configured, unit testing is performed, test cases are completed, and we prepare for user-administered testing.


This is when we hand over the system to be tested by your team. We also offer training, resources, and support when needed.


In this final phase, we perform parallel testing to be very sure everything is working seamlessly, we transition to support capacity, and deliver an operational guide so that you can confidently use your new commissions system


What are the top three complicating factors in software implementation?

Functional requirements documents (FRD)

These are long, complicated documents, and for good reason. They include an immense amount of information because they serve as the scoping document once you move out of the ‘define’ phase. But because of this, they can often overwhelm clients. While it is quite a task to review these documents, many people in your organization must review it. Details overlooked may necessitate change orders during the configuration phase. In turn, this can cause delays, cost changes, and frustration.

Data readiness

This pain point is widely lamented. Depending on the level of automation you want in your commissions solution, the data preparation can be daunting. Not only does your implementation team need all historical data, but they need it delivered in a format that can be used in the configuration. This is not something your implementation partner can handle for you.  It's very important to engage with your inhouse experts early on and allocate enough of their time to the project.

User acceptance testing (UAT)

This is the most complicated obstacle because it involves more people on your team. This is when you get to test the various aspects of your commissions program to ensure that it will serve its intended purpose. Complications encountered here include resistance to adoption, the need for additional training on top of what was allotted, and sheer complexity.

How to solve [almost] all implementation problems.

Show Early Show Often

Here at Canidium, we use a concept called Show Early Show Often. This is the habitual exposure of the process and product to our clients. This helps build familiarity and buy-in as the project progresses.


A lot of training is necessary when implementing new commissions software. The concept is often novel to administrators and can be complex depending on the use case. At Canidium, we are constantly offering training to our clients.


Any consultancy worth its salt will have a full suite of resources tailored to each product they offer. Canidium is no exception, and these resources are offered regularly throughout the process.

Managed service contracts

If after your deployment is finished, you’re not quite ready to fly solo, managed service contracts can be offered. These are negotiable and can be tailored to your needs. Many companies choose to absorb a member of the implementation team into their organization for several months to make the adoption transition smoother.

Are the pain points worth the results?

If this process seems more complex and intimidating to you after reading this, then you likely have a better idea of what is involved in implementation of software like SAP Commissions. But in this scenario, knowledge is power.

While you're collecting knowledge, take a look at this article about estimating cost of SAP Commissions implementation.

Hopefully, it has also occurred to you that choosing the right consultancy is integral to your success. Canidium has seen every use case, hiccup, obstacle, and exception. We are uniquely poised to tailor a solution to your commissions management needs. 

Ready to talk specifics? Reach out to us by filling out the form below.


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