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Choosing the right ICM solution is crucial to ensure fair and accurate compensation for employees or sales teams. Neglecting important areas during the selection process can lead to a loss of resources, a suboptimal result, or unnecessary complications. 

Since 2008, Canidium has implemented commissions software for countless organizations of varying industries and sizes. We offer configured solutions such as SAP Commissions, Xactly, and strategic services. This enables us to provide unbiased recommendations for the ideal ICM software.


Pay Attention to These 5 Areas

When choosing your ICM software, you want to get it right the first time. Here are five areas to consider when selecting an ICM solution in order to avoid costly mistakes.


Data Integration and Compatibility

Your ICM solution should seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HR, and financial software. Be sure to ask specifically about the integration capabilities with your data sources. Neglecting this aspect can result in data silos, inaccuracies, and increased manual work.



Consider your organization's growth plans. Ensure the ICM solution can scale with your business, accommodating more users, complex compensation structures, and increased data volumes. We suggest that our clients think beyond their highly attainable growth goals and plan to exceed them. Switching ICM platforms when your organization is in a high-growth stage is even harder. Neglecting scalability can lead to the need for a costly replacement down the line.


Flexibility and Configuration

Every organization has unique compensation structures and rules. Ensure the ICM solution allows flexibility and configuration to meet your specific needs. Pay extra attention to the true level of automation attainable. Neglecting this can result in frustration and a less effective compensation management system.


Compliance and Security

Compliance with labor laws and regulations is critical. Neglecting to ensure your ICM solution supports compliance can result in legal issues and financial penalties. It is highly recommended to engage your IT team on this part of the interview. Additionally, pay attention to data security to protect sensitive compensation information.


User-Friendly Interface and Training

The ICM solution should be user-friendly and intuitive for both administrators and end-users. Neglecting this can lead to employee resistance and increased training and support costs. This is, by far, the biggest obstacle we encounter with our clients.  Canidium has comprehensive training modules for this purpose. Consider the ease of use and the availability of training resources when choosing a vendor.


Cross-Departmental Involvement

When selecting an ICM solution, it's crucial to thoroughly evaluate the solution's reputation, ease of use, and pricing. A thorough interview of your potential SI vendor should also be performed and every affected department should have visibility into the interview process.

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Representatives from various departments, including HR, finance, and sales, should collaborate to ensure that the ICM solution is an optimal fit for the organization and its diverse needs.


How to Find the Best ICM Platform for Your Organization

Choosing the correct ICM platform and implementation partner is essential to its usefulness to your organization. The wrong choice can do more harm than good.

Many organizations hire a strategic partner not only to help with the selection and implementation of ICM software, but to:

  • Understand your business and your competitors
  • Make anticipatory recommendations based on industry knowledge
  • Field any managed services needs, which are likely to occur

If you are just beginning the process of selecting an ICM solution and a partner to implement it, you may find our interview guide useful. It explains what you should be asking and why.

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